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Newcastle now holds the title of next property hotspot in NSW after Sydney once held it. Simon Presley, the managing director of Propertyology, stated that Newcastle has better potential prospects than Sydney on a rental return front and capital gains.

This trend is a good chance to boost the property values in Newcastle and the surrounding areas. If you own a house or other commercial buildings in the location, you may try to take this opportunity to increase your unit’s price.

What if your premises are not likely to get a higher value?

The fastest solution for this issue is by carrying out a renovation on your property. However, you might want to pay more attention with your renovation plan because if you take the wrong step, you’ll end up diminishing your house value.

Clear Asbestos Removal Newcastle

Below are things worth knowing before remodelling or renovating your place.

  • Plan your expenses

During a renovation, you might end up changing your mind on the planned design that you have made earlier. The changes will certainly add up to the renovation cost. It would be better for you to make a perfect plan for your project, so you can cut unnecessary cost that doesn’t suit your master plan.

You should also improve your awareness to any hidden cost that you should pay such as dealing with an asbestos removal and testing service. This problem is commonly happened in old buildings. So, you need to prepare for any necessary remediation service at your place.

  • Build your priority list

If you are a little bit short in budget, then you must take precaution by creating your list of priorities. The list will make sure you’ll be able to get the main plan carried out before you’re running out of money.

For your consideration, you have to put an allocation for a pre-inspection first. The government regulations stated that every project involving renovation or demolition of a building, particularly in old premises, must pass an inspection to ensure that no hazard is present during the work. Asbestos-containing material (ACM) is one of the hazards; a renovation work can make this material becomes airborne and thus causes health hazards.

The urgency of an ACM control plan

Obtaining a good control plan over your ACM-contaminated property is preferred to keep your building occupants safe. Making any changes to the contaminated building’s structure will only make things worse than you can imagine. Besides causing harm to your health, you may also be held liable for breaking the law. An illegal renovation can cost you as high as $6,000 and up to $30,000 if you are a commercial property owner.

A management plan is necessary to manage the risk of exposure that may occur in a building with ACMs. This document can only be made by a licensed assessor; he is responsible for a proper identification of the ACMs within a building. If he finds a suspected material; he will take some samples from the suspected products, put them in thick bags, and send them to an accredited lab for further analysis.

The lab report will help the inspector to make a comprehensive register of existing ACMs in the property. Afterwards, the data will be used to create the most suitable control plan for your contaminated structures.

Clearing asbestos material

Some mistakes in handling ACMs during a renovation

While doing a renovation of a property, you may make mistakes that can release ACM fibres into the air. Below are some mistakes and misconceptions that you have to avoid during your remodelling project:

1. You can work on bonded ACMs

It’s quite true that you can remove bonded (non-friable) products by yourself if they are less than 10 square meters in size. However, you may do it without the right skill and equipment, and an improper procedure will only lead you to a risk of exposure. You should know that even a simple thing like puncturing a contaminated material with a thumbtack can release up to 60,000 fibres into the air. Moreover, you’ll need a permit to transport the contaminated waste to an approved disposal facility.

2. It’s easy to identify ACMs

You may find a lot of ACM images online that can help you identify your building from any contamination. Some ACMs like wall sheeting, fencing, and roofing can be visually recognized. But, you may miss some structures, which may have hidden ACMs as well. The inspection result will be different if you hire a professional to do the job. He can check your place and find those contaminated materials in no time.

3. You can perform a DIY testing yourself

Standard testing kits actually don’t help you much in determining ACMs in your place. Moreover, the package only contains some standards Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which may be insufficient to provide maximum protection against the deadly fibres. A grade 3 PPE is the least standard gear to work with this fibrous product as it can filter 99% of the fibres. Thus, it will provide better protection from ACM exposure.

4. An asbestos removal and testing work will make everything right

After conducting a removal, it doesn’t mean that the jobs are done. You have to decontaminate the area for any remaining fibres left from the removal work. Furthermore, you are required to update your ACM register and review it annually.

Considering the effect that can harm your wellbeing, as well as the environment, it is highly recommended to hire a licensed removalist to carry out the asbestos removal and testing project.

Please refer to the following list to help you decide which asbestos services you should take.

  1. Asbestos removal Newcastle
  2. testing
  3. management plan
  4. roof removal
  5. emergency repair
  6. air monitoring
  7. demolition
  8. soil remediation
  9. consultant

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