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Beware of Your Roof: It May Contain Asbestos!

If your house happens to use corrugated roof sheets, you must be aware! Especially, when it is categorised as an older house. Urgently needed repairs to Surfers Paradise Anglican Church forces …

Like any other older buildings, according to the headline, the Surfers’ Paradise Anglican Church has asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) within the building. The 71-year-old building contains ACM roofs that will need to be removed during a renovation.

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According to the general rule, a house or a building categorised as an older building that is highly suspected of having ACMs, is a building built before the mid-1980s. This is the consequence of the massive use of ACMs for housing material in the mid-1940s til the end of 1980s. As its legacy, older houses are highly likely to contain ACMs.

How about buildings building built between the 1980 – 1990? Sadly, the properties built during those years also have the possibility of containing fibrous materials. But, if it was built after 1990 the possibility of being contaminated with the fibrous material is low. However, you need to frequently check it also since illegally imported ACMs were also recently used in newly built buildings.

News related to the finding of illegally imported ACMs from China: www.abc.net.au

The Risks of illegally Imported Products

Although the use of ACMs has been banned on December 31, 2003, some products were still found in several buildings. For example, an ACM was found in the roofing panels of Perth Children’s Hospital in 2016. The developer used imported materials from China. Thus, you also need to raise your awareness concerning the possibility of the presence of ACMs in your newly built home.

For more info on imported products that may contain fibrous materials, visit this site below:

Raising awareness about the risk of imported products containing …

What Should I Do with My Asbestos Roof?

When you notice that there is a possibility of fibre existence in your house, DO NOT touch it or do anything to it. The material containing a dangerous fibre is very hazardous if it is disturbed, deteriorated or badly weathered. It might release hazardous fibres into the air. Particularly, if the suspected product found was a corrugated fibro product manufactured by James Hardie Ltd. The fibro could contain a blue ACM that is extremely harmful. Its appearance, that is small and thin, makes it possible for the fibre to enter the lungs.

Other Fibrous Products That You Might Encounter in Your Home

Due to its excessive use of the products in the past, material suspected with a dangerous fibre can be found in almost every corner of a residential building. Among the products that are commonly found, including:

  • Patterned and flat corrugated wall and roof sheeting
  • Guttering
  • Imitation brick cladding and eaves lining
  • Ridge capping
  • AC sheet ceilings, walls, wall tiles backing and floors
  • Wall tiles backing
  • Kitchen splashbacks
  • Vinyl floor tiles
  • Vinyl sheet flooring backing
  • Ceramic tiles underlay
  • Wood heaters insulation
  • Fences
  • Garden sheds
  • Garage
  • Carports
  • Dog kennels
  • Plaster sealants
  • Adhesive products
  • Pipe insulation
  • Old ironing-board covers

How to Check Suspected Materials?

The only way to ensure its presence is by conducting asbestos testing. For a safe testing, you are recommended to hire a professional assessor because he has a license and has followed some training to do such work.

If you plan to do DIY for testing, you will need to take some samples and then send them to a lab to be tested. The samples will be tested and then you will receive a report. The report of the testing can help you to develop an ACM register. For a precise result, the sampling is best performed by a professional assessor.

Is Roof Removal Recommended?

If you see that your roof is badly weathered, you are suggested to remove it because a weathered roof will get deteriorated and then slowly breaks down and the fibres can be released into the air.

Is there any other alternative apart from removing the roof? Yes, there is. It is called encapsulation. The method is done by applying some coating paints or sealants on the roofing sheets. Encapsulation will safely seal the fibres before they can be inhaled.

However, for weathered roofs, encapsulation is not going to work well. Moreover, it is only a temporary solution to your roofing problem.

The following suggestions can be your consideration for removing the asbestos:

  • As your roofs get weathered badly, the risk of deterioration is higher. This can endanger the health of your family and neighbours.
  • No one wants to buy a property containing fibrous materials, so it will hinder you from selling your property.
  • An insurance company may charge you with an expensive insurance for your property if they notice fibrous materials are detected. Some companies even refuse to insure homes with fibrous materials.
  • At the end, those weathered roofs will be needed to be removed anyway. So, doing it sooner is much better.

Do It Yourself (DIY) for Removing Materials with Dangerous Fibre

Is it possible? Yes, indeed. But, it is such a laborious job. Important to be remembered that the roofing sheet does not hold weight, so when you step on it, there is a possibility that you can fall down. The size of the sheet is also very big, so you can’t hold it yourself. When you remove it, you have to lower it onto the ground instead of dropping it. It is forbidden to drop it for it will cause the material to be broken.

Furthermore, you are suggested to follow training courses for removing asbestos to minimise the risk during the work. Personal protective equipment is also needed to protect yourself. The protective kits you should have, including:

  • Coverall
  • Mask
  • Gloves
  • Eyewear
  • Footwear
  • Zip lock or sealed plastic bags
  • Duct tape

Before removing the fibrous material, make sure you complete a control plan. The document is important because it informs the method for removing, the quantity of the material being removed and equipment used.

Considering all those things above, hiring a professional removalist, is absolutely the best choice. A removalist is capable of handling the asbestos removal job safely.

Professional Roof Removal Services

Do you plan to remove your weathered roof? Contact our endorsed contractors who offer excellent asbestos roof removal Newcastle services. The local contractors we are working with have the expertise and experience on doing various jobs, such as testing and roof removal Newcastle works in commercial and domestic buildings.

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Also, we require our member to have an accredited license and certification to perform all jobs related to fibrous materials. Therefore, all the working procedures for removing and even the disposal of the waste will be done following the local and national regulations.

Through Clear asbestos removal Newcastle, get connected to local contractors who offer quality asbestos roof removal Newcastle services.

Air monitoring, demolition, consultant, emergency repair, and soil remediation are common services used to solve problems with materials containing dangerous fibres. Other services you might need to eliminate fibrous materials completely are testing, removal or management plan. If you require one of those services, you can ask our endorsed contractors.

They have four main services, including: Asbestos removal Newcastle, testing, roof Removal, management plan.

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