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Asbestos Testing Newcastle

Cases of ‘Asbestos Findings’ still found in Newcastle. Asbestos-containing materials (ACMs) can be found everywhere. It could a big chunk hidden within a building or a small fragment laid on the ground unnoticed.

Recently, a headline shared a story about the finding of small pieces of old roofing cement by a qualified remover. He was sure that the pieces lying behind the Park Street Stadium are “super six”, a fibrous product.

asbestos testing newcastle

Super six was one of the products containing dangerous fibres manufactured by James Hardie Ltd. The common form of this roofing was corrugated fibro product. It was widely used as roofing material until the 1980s in Australian homes.

Mr Woodland, who is also a welder, stated that he had received a training for ACM identification and removal. Regarding the chunk, he said the fragments of roofing sheets contained Crocidolite or blue ACM. It is regarded as the most harmful because it was relatively thin and long. Therefore, the fibre is highly possible to reach the lungs compared to the white one. He added that the only way to confirm it was by doing a testing.

Test Those Suspected Materials

If you see anything suspicious, such as a cracked paint, wall, floor or a chunk of material similar to ceiling, fence or roof sheet near you, be careful as it might contain asbestos fibres. An inspection by a qualified assessor can check suspected materials within your house. The result of the identification is a report called ACM register.

The register usually contains:

  • The location
  • Source
  • Type
  • Detail location, including accessible areas
  • Proposed method

Remember! Your register needs to be updated and reviewed. If there is any change in the condition, for example, an ACM becomes deteriorated or damaged or has been removed, sealed or enclosed, you definitely need to update the report.

The report also must be reviewed or revised every five years at least. Although there is no change in your building’s condition, the review is still needed to be done. There are various ACM products commonly found within a domestic building. The number of products is said to be more than 3,000.

Fibrous materials are categorised into two types:

  • Friable – it is a material that can be pulverised, crumbled, or reduced to powder only by a pressure of a hand. When disturbed, it can easily become airborne.
  • Non-Friable – it is a bonded material, a mix of cement and fibres. More than 97% fibrous products found in Australia are non-friable.

FYI! Non-friable can turn into friable and poses a severe health risk if the fibrous product get badly weathered, damaged or broken. It will also release dangerous fibres into the air.

Common Fibrous Products You Can Find in Home

According to a report, one-third of Australian homes contain fibrous products. Customarily, houses constructed before the mid-1980s are most likely to contain fibrous materials. However, houses built during the mid-1980s and 1990 are likely to contain fibrous products. Houses built after 1990 are less likely to contain ACMs.

ACMs have been extensively used as house materials in many parts in home. They can be found in:

  • Fencing
  • Imitation brick cladding
  • Roof sheeting
  • Wall sheeting
  • Guttering
  • Vinyl sheet flooring
  • Car sheds and carports
  • Pipe lagging
  • Textured paint and coating
  • Window putty
  • Waterproof membrane
  • Floor underlay
  • Floor backings
  • Kitchen splashback

Newcastle Asbestos Testing Methods

If you want to ensure that your house is free from any form of fibrous materials, the only way is to get a testing.

Since the fibre is quite small and thinner than a human hair, it is likely impossible to observe it without a help of a microscope. So, the testing will generally be done in a laboratory.

The result of the test will determine the type of ACM found whether it is chrysotile, amosite or crocidolite. However, if the result shows that no fibrous product is found, No Asbestos Detected or NAD will appear.

How to Take Samples

When you take some fragments from the suspected materials, you need to have some personal protective equipment. The safety kits must be worn throughout the working process. The equipment needed including a P2 respirator, gloves, and zip lock plastic bags.

To do a correct sampling, you have to:

  • Put on P2 respirator
  • Wet the material using a spray and remove all small part (around the size of 20 cent piece)
  • Double the zip lock bag for the material
  • Use PVA glue to spot where samples are taken

If the suspected material is friable, a powder, easily broken or you feel unsure about performing DIY for the test, please hire a trained removalist.

Professional Asbestos Testing Service Providers

If you plan to do a test and are looking for a trusted professional to do the work, Clear Asbestos Removal Newcastle is ready to help you. We endorse pre-screened, trusted, and local contractors. As part of the requirement, all of our contractors must have a proper certification and a Class-B license. The requirement can guarantee you that the asbestos testing Newcastle services will be conducted following the procedures set by the local and national regulations.

By requesting their asbestos testing Newcastle services, you can be sure that the test will be performed appropriately. You can expect a clean and safe testing. If you use asbestos testing Newcastle services prior to your removal plan, you will be assisted for completing the control plan. The control plan gives you detail information regarding the method, quantity and equipment employed.

Our endorsed contractors are familiar with handling jobs like asbestos testing and removal. Their expertise has been employed in various places such as residential and commercial places.

You might have heard previously about different types of ACM services, such as demolition, emergency repair, air monitoring, consultant or soil remediation. Other than already mentioned, there are other services related to fibrous materials, such as removal, testing, or management plan. If you only require asbestos testing, our member contractors will be ready to assist you.

They have four core services, including: Asbestos roof removal, testing, management plan and asbestos removal job.

Great Prices for Excellent Services

What is great about our endorsed contractors is that the cost for every service is competitive and worth the benefit you will get. Another plus point is that you can request three free quotes from our endorsed contractors. The quote will help you to make a financial scheme for the project.

Get all those great benefits by contacting our members for a credible test result. Get your 100% free quotes now.

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